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Campus Promo Video


MEMEBOX Campus Video is created to promote the Sigma Psi Zeta Mid-Atlantic Regional Rally (MARR) in 2016. The video is the Behind-the-Scene of MEMEBOX Photoshoot that I managed and hosted for the sisters to participate.


I was MARR 2016 chair with Kimberly Gian. We managed MARR 2016 at Drexel University and had proximately 200 sisters from the Mid-Atlantic region attended the rally.


I was in charge of reserving all rooms, finding caters, communicating with Nationals, applying funds, managing budgets, creating marketing materials, promoting the events, and MC-ing.


MEMEBOX sponsored Sigma Psi Zeta nationally.


Programs are used:

Video - Final Cut Pro X

Banners - Adobe Illustrator


(Wo)man hours: Proximately 10 hours


Group Picture
Credits Logo

 Illustration Banners: Me | Photos Credit: Jason Long

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