for CGI/Animated Films, TV, and Advertisements.


Production Manager

My goal is to master the management for teams. As I have knowledge of Animation and Visual Effects, I am able to manage the team with understanding and to help them whenever as needed.


As Creative Lead of Expansion Mentor team for Sigma Psi Zeta and Team Leader for SIGGRAPH Asia for three years, I mentor new members and lead students at the conference successfully. 

Reviewer & Notetaker

One responsibility of ones who work in the production management is to be another pair of eyes to review all the works before submitting to the client(s). I will be the first and the last person who takes and reviews notes from the directors and clients.


A combination of my major in Communication and minor in Animation, research is one of my strong skill sets that I have. I use primary and secondary research so I have a solid platform of the information on a project I am assigned to.

Event Planner

As a person who works in the production management, to balance artists' workloads and health status is very important. Planning and organizing skills come in handy.

Team Player

I am able to independently, but I yet love to work as a team. With past experiences leading many organizations during school years and SIGGRAPH conferences. These help me be able to fit within a team that I am assigned in well in a very short time.



There are tons of fish in the sea, but I am the unique one.

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My name is Natnaree Pichetpongsa, I also go by "Pla". I graduated from Drexel University in March 2017 with BA/MS in Communication major and double minors in Animation and Visual Effects and Music Theory and Compositions.


I was born and raised in Thailand for 15 years and have been in the United States since 2009. My goal is to work in Production Management department for feature films, TV, and/or commercials companies where I can grow my experience, contribute to the team, and give back to the community.


Three words that describe me are adaptive, creative, and ambitious. I like to work in a fast-paced environment and am ready to work in any situation. I love to create and start something new. Once I set my goal, I go for it no matter how hard it will be.


Fun fact: "Pla" means "fish" in Thai





Please send me a message or give me a call. I'd love to hear from you!

U.S.: +1(267) 774-0288

Thailand: +66(90) 983-7040

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